'Speak English in Canada': B.C. woman's 'racist' tirade at Shoppers Drug Mart

A video posted on Facebook shows a woman in Burnaby, B.C. yelling “extremely rude and racist” remarks at several local Shoppers Drug Mart employees.

“Shut up...speak English in Canada,” the woman is filmed saying, pointing her finger at the female employee behind the cash register.

The woman who went on the attack, with a young boy next to her, is then approached by a third Shoppers Drug Mart employee who seems to request that she talk to the store manager.

“If you want to talk to me you bring your manager here you idiot. Or go speak Chinese with your other staff and shit talk me somewhere else,” the unidentified woman says in the video.

It is still not known how the altercation started on Monday but she continues to use profanity and demand that it is “rude” for the store staff to “speak Chinese” in front of her and requests that they “shut up” and “go somewhere else.”

“Saw this happen today at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Kingsway/McMurray,” the original caption on the video posted by Allen Tseng on Facebook reads.

“I just want to put this lady on blast for being extremely rude and racist. And hopefully show her there's consequences to this type of behaviour. It's sad to see this sort of racism still in 2019 and in Greater Vancouver, BC, and Canada.”

In a statement to Yahoo Canada, Loblaw, which owns Shoppers Drug Mart, said they have been in touch with the store following the incident and have “offered additional resources and support where required.”

“The incident that took place on Monday was both disappointing and unacceptable, and has absolutely no place in our stores,” the emailed statement from the company reads. “We believe fully in two-way respect between our employees and our customers and were appalled to see that behaviour.”