Heavy rain forecast to hit P.E.I., flash freeze warning issued

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Heavy rain forecast to hit P.E.I., flash freeze warning issued

Heavy rain, including potential freezing rain, is expected to fall over the Island this weekend, according to CBC P.E.I. meteorologist Jay Scotland.

"After record-breaking heat Friday, Saturday will at least start out very warm with the potential for more record-breaking temperatures even in the morning. Don't get excited. Cold air is set to work from west to east across P.E.I. through the day Saturday with a sharp drop in temperatures possible," Scotland said.

"Heavy rain will also move in Friday night and continue through much of Saturday. While much of P.E.I. will see between 20 and 40 mm, areas up west could see amounts between 30 and 60 mm possible."

Island under flash freeze warning

Scotland said some of that may potentially fall as freezing rain.

"As the cold air begins to arrive Saturday morning, rain may switch over by late morning into the early afternoon to freezing rain over Prince County where there is the highest risk for icy conditions to develop," he said. "Later in the day, at least some freezing rain is possible over central and eastern parts of the Island."

Scotland cautioned the exact timing and amounts of freezing rain are still somewhat uncertain as forecast models continue to struggle with the track of the cold front.

Environment Canada issued a flash freeze warning for the Island on Friday afternoon, saying that water may freeze quickly and highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery. Drivers are advised to exercise caution.

Queens and Prince county are also under rainfall warnings, while a freezing rain warning has been issued for Prince County.

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