Rainy Sunday run for Dinosaur Half Marathon

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Runners gathered on Sunday, September 12 to participate in the 2021 Dinosaur Half Marathon. Despite rainy conditions, a total of 207 participants ran in the five, 10, and 21 kilometre races. Kade Wolf-Bernard of Edmonton (right) placed 26 in the 5K event with a total time of 54:53. Jakub Sumbera from Invermere, B.C. placed first in the half marathon with a time of 1:14:40. Ryan Albano placed first in the 10K event with a time of 36:43, and Sterling Hopman of Airdrie placed first in the 5K with a time of 21:15. Proceeds from the run were donated to charity.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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