Ralphie the ‘fire-breathing demon’ dog meets his ‘perfect match’ with fourth adoption

Ralphie, a French bulldog, previously described by a New York animal shelter as a “full jerk,” has found his “perfect adopter” after a few failed attempts, the animal shelter said.

After reviewing emails and meeting with potential adopters, the Niagara SPCA believes that they have found the “perfect match for Ralphie,” according to a March 24 Facebook post by the shelter.

This marks Ralphie’s fourth adoption.

In the past the “fire-breathing demon” dog has been known to bite, be territorial and “exploit weaknesses” like having children, McClatchy News previously reported.

One of his temporary homes took him to training sessions but because their relationship was built around Ralphie being the boss, “things ended abruptly.”

Now, the SPCA says they’ve found “exactly what Ralphie needs” in his new adopter Jason.

Jason “trains dogs for a living for the Department of Energy in Tennessee,” according to the SPCA.

The “tiny, reformed terror” Ralphie will join his new pack of another Frenchie and a Daschund, two dogs with bite histories and a loving German Shepherd, according to the shelter.

Jason plans to provide Ralphie with “structure, and give him an outlet for all that Frenchie energy,” according to the Niagara SPCA.

Jason has created an Instagram account for “Ralphie, the whole jerk demon dog,” to help document his progress and spam the internet with pictures of him, the SPCA said. He’s already posted about Ralphie’s journey from New York to Tennessee as well as a playful meeting between his new siblings.

The SPCA wishes their “tiny, reformed terror” all the best and calls Jason a unicorn adopter for joining Ralphie on his new journey.

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