Ram is 'actively and aggressively' looking at smaller trucks

We sat down with Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. at the Detroit Auto Show, and he dropped a number of interesting tidbits about some of Ram's plans for the near future. In particular, he made it sound like Ram is seriously considering adding smaller trucks to its lineup. But it also has bigger pickup reveals coming up both for the heavy duty line and our first look at what will become the electric Ram 1500.

With smaller trucks, Koval's exact words were that they are "actively and aggressively" looking at trucks smaller than the current  Ram 1500. We asked specifically about midsize trucks, but he added that they're also quite interested in even smaller vehicles than that, which in the U.S., at least, would be Maverick-sized. Koval also noted that Ram might be able to leverage Stellantis' wide array of brands for additional models. Another factor that may have Ram interested in smaller options is that it's expanding in other markets. Koval said Ram has seen record sales in international markets, with standouts being South America and Australia.

As for potential platforms for smaller Rams, the Gladiator platform would seem like a strong choice for a midsizer, since it's a traditional truck construction-wise, is already U.S.-certified, and has gone through some truck reinforcements. Outside American options, Peugeot sells a small to midsize pickup called the Landtrek, which was co-developed with a Chinese company. Ram also sells sub-compact pickups in Mexico and South America that are Fiat-derived. These latter two options would probably require significant alterations to bring them up to the refinement and performance standards of U.S. buyers, though.

Koval also gave us a little hint at more concrete Ram product reveals in the near-term. Apparently it will have a major Ram HD announcement in October. He wouldn't say what exactly, though. With Ford Super Duty getting a refresh soon, we wouldn't be surprised if the same will be happening with the Ram HD.

After the HD, Ram will show the Revolution concept in November, which will preview the electric Ram 1500. With a date like that, we're betting a reveal at or near the L.A. Auto Show. The production Ram 1500 electric pickup will be coming in 2024, and it will be accompanied by some sort of plug-in hybrid, possibly in a range-extender series-hybrid setup.

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