Ranch Ehrlo Society approved for new Residential Care Home in Prince Albert

Prince Albert City Council approved a discretionary use application for a new Ranch Ehrlo Society residential care home at their regular meeting on Monday.

The care home will house six infants and children on the 700 block of Eighth Street East.

Ward 3 Coun. Tony Head represents the area the care home will be located in. He moved the motion at Monday’s meeting, and said he’s excited by the new development.

“I'm really happy that Ranch Ehrlo was able to find an appropriate place in our community,” Head said during the meeting. “I didn't hear from any of the residents in our ward contesting this application. I’m so happy that they ended up finding a home here in Ward 3.”

Ranch Ehrlo currently operates a care home in the RM of Buckland and is looking to relocate to Prince Albert for easier access to appointments, school, and amenities for the children.

Ranch Ehrlo representatives canvassed the area surrounding the proposed care home once they submitted their Development Permit Application. They provided information about their intentions to the neighbourhood and answered questions about the development.

Following this, a public meeting was held on Sept. 12. Neighbours were notified through a public notice that was mailed out on Aug. 31.

Both City Administration and Ranch Ehrlo were on hand to answer questions, but no one attended the meeting.

This application has been reviewed by the Department of Public Works, Community Services, Financial Services, Fire and Emergency Services and the Building Division and there are no concerns.

The Department of Planning and Development Services has been in contact with the applicant throughout the application review process in order to ensure that they are aware of all municipal requirements, and to manage expectations and timelines.

Ranch Ehrlo Society is a charitable organization dedicated to providing a range of quality assessment, treatment, education, support and community services that improve the lives of children, youth, adults, and families.

They have been providing those services to vulnerable youth and families in Saskatchewan since 1966. They have been operating in the Prince Albert area since 1997 on our Buckland Campus located northwest of the city. The Group Living home for older youth, located on River St. W. opened in 2004.

The report stated that upon review, the proposed Residential Care Home conforms to the regulations within the Zoning Bylaw and administration recommended that this Development Permit be approved.

The motion was carried Unanimously.

Michael Oleksyn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prince Albert Daily Herald