Range rider recovering after train struck and killed his horse in blizzard

Jordan Camille has no memory of the moment he and his horse Rory were struck by a train during a blizzard earlier this month, killing the horse. 

Camille, a contracted range rider for the Tk'emlups Indian Band, was struck as he tried to rescue several stranded horses near Kamloops on Jan. 12.

In an interview with Daybreak Kamloops host Shelley Joyce, Camille said he is now recovering at home from a broken shoulder, lacerated kidneys and a concussion. 

"I'm still healing from that," Camille said. 

Three distressed horses had been spotted near the north end of the range in the Kamloops area.

"They were looking pretty thin and nobody knew who owned them," he said. "I went down there to check them out and possibly get them out of there and put them in better conditions."

"Can't remember anything"

"Last thing I remember was riding right beside the train tracks and then tilt my hat down low so the snow would stop stinging my eyes and then I woke up in the hospital," Camille said. "I honestly can't remember anything about the wreck itself."

It wasn't until he awoke in the hospital, groggy and sore-headed, that he learned from his wife Candice that he had been hit by a train, and their prized gelding Rory had died from the impact.  

"He was a really special horse," Camille said.

Camille said he was surprised and moved by the community support for the couple and their three children after a fundraising campaign raised nearly $20,000 to help cover expenses while he recovers. 

"I didn't know that many people were looking out or thinking about me at this time," he said. 

To hear the complete interview with Jordan Camille on Daybreak Kamloops, tap the audio link below: 


With files from Daybreak Kamloops