Rangers fan takes shot to groin trying to catch Kyle Seager homer

Being a baseball fan can be painful. Even in the best year, your favorite team is bound to lose a fair amount of games. Some of those will be unbelievably excruciating ninth-inning meltdowns that leave a scar on your psyche for days.

The pain inflicted by watching your favorite team is rarely physical. Unless you’re the type who likes to do interior decorating with your fists when you get frustrated, you should be able to get through those bad moments with only some mental anguish.

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This Texas Rangers fan wasn’t so fortunate. Following Sunday’s game against the Seattle Mariners, he left the park with more than just a bruised ego.

That’s going to leave a mark. (MLB.com Screenshot)

Keep a close eye on the fan in the red Prince Fielder jersey during that highlight. He’s right above the 380 sign and standing up against the outfield railing. It’s tough to tell from far away, but he appears to double over at the point where you would expect the ball to come down.

Thankfully, technology allows us the opportunity to see things from different camera angles.

Yeah. Our man takes a Kyle Seager home run straight to the groin. That doesn’t seem like a fun way to spend a day at the ballpark.

In fairness, though, he seems to handle it well. He does double over in pain initially, and even grabs the railing for some support (though it’s possible he was just looking to see where the ball landed). After that, he’s able to stand up with ease. It’s an impressive recovery.

Given everything that took place, we’re going to guess he just played it off as if nothing happened. But anyone who has been in that situation before knows he was likely struggling to keep it together. Sure, he may have slowed down the ball with his hands first, but that can’t feel good.

The home run hurt in more than one way. It actually decided the game. Seager’s blast put the Mariners ahead 4-3 in the eighth inning. It was the go-ahead run. 

If there’s a positive here, it’s that physical pain can be treated. Our fan is probably in for some lingering pain, but ice will help. The emotional anguish of losing a close game in the eighth inning, combined with your groin shot being featured on a national stage … we don’t have the cure for that yet.

(BLS H/N: SB Nation)

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