Rapper hires orchestra to play 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' theme for wife's birthday

Photo from YouTube

What does a young, millionaire musician get his wife for her birthday when she seemingly has everything? If you’re rapper Logic, you hire a string section to set up shop in the backyard and play the theme music from her favourite show.

Logic has been referred to on Twitter as “Rap Larry David,” so it’s no secret he’s a fan of the Seinfeld co-creator’s oeuvre. Logic’s wife is also a fan of David’s work because for her birthday, the Maryland-born rapper decided that a live performance of the theme song to David’s iconic unscripted T.V. show, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ would be the perfect gift.

The event unfolded in a video posted to Logic’s YouTube channel titled, “This is how I woke up my wife on her birthday.” A nine-person classical ensemble begins playing the unmistakable theme song “Frolic” by composer Luciano Michelini, as Logic’s wife emerges onto the balcony of their Hollywood home.

“I love you!” shouts Logic, proudly sporting a Seinfeld t-shirt. “It’s your birthday!”

His wife, Jessica Andrea, was obviously amused by the gallant gesture. Husband and wife then danced awkwardly to the music.

It’s worth pointing out that in season two, episode three of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ David wakes up his wife on her birthday with a string section in a similar manner. It’s safe to assume that’s where Logic got his brilliant birthday idea from.