Raptors' Chris Boucher on his best NBA dunks

Chris Boucher's monster slam against the Pelicans was only one of his many thunderous jams in his NBA career. He discussed his best dunks on the latest episode of Hustle Play.

Video Transcript

- --for McCollum. Three-on-one-- four-on-one. Boucher-- oh! He took off in Montreal, he landed in Toronto!

- Here we come! Incoming-- [? bonjour! ?]

MIKE ROACH: Take me through your top, I don't know, three, four favorite dunks.

CHRIS BOUCHER: The one on Olynyk, definitely one of them.

MIKE ROACH: That was nasty.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, definitely one of my best ones, for sure.

- --with the steal.

- Great job.

- Malachi to-- oh!

- Woo!

- Chris Boucher throwing it down from Montreal!

MIKE ROACH: He shouldn't have jumped there. That was the wrong decision. He should have made a business decision there.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I've been on the other side of it. And you don't think that when you jump, you just hope he miss. So I think he-- obviously, I didn't.

I had a couple of them in the bubble, Milwaukee.

- The pass stolen. Boucher-- oh, bringing it down from Montreal! Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'! Right there!

- Oh, man, did he get up.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I had the one with-- on Giannis.

- --3 doesn't go. Flying in, Air Boucher! Oh, Chris Boucher--

- [? Bonjour! ?]

- --with the follow dunk!

CHRIS BOUCHER: I think that's the one that really got me-- like, people started really knowing me because of that one.

MIKE ROACH: You had OKC as well, I think you had one.

CHRIS BOUCHER: OKC, the putback-- the alley-oop, I think, from Terence Davis. That one was good.

- Great job at point guard last night. Here's Davis up top. Boucher! Oh, Chris Boucher, the slam dunk!

- --get contact? Absolutely. Absolutely.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I had a bunch. I had one in Atlanta.

- Here's Bembry. And then to the trailing Boucher with a throwdown, plus the foul!

CHRIS BOUCHER: So I had a couple.

MIKE ROACH: You've had a few.

- Boucher-- oh, soaring through the air with the finish!

- [? Bonjour! ?]

- And the foul!


- Hello!

- VanVleet up top. Boucher-- oh!

- Go get it!


- Count the bucket!