Rare drone flythrough of iconic Darwin's Arch in Galapagos

Darwin's Arch was one of the most famous and cherished natural formations in the world. Designated a world heritage sight, the arch was popular among tourists and nature enthusiasts. Cruise ships would pass by and allow photography and scuba divers from around the world ventured here to see the iconic structure. Named for Charles Darwin who studied this area in the 1800s and developed his theory of natural selection (evolution) based on his research, the arch was an important tribute to his contribution to our understanding of the world, and even ourselves. The nearby Darwin Island and the unique underwater structure beneath the arch formed what is referred to as "The Theatre". People are forbidden from setting foot on the island or the arch platform for safety and conservation reasons. But scuba divers who come here can perch on the rocks at a depth of approximately 23m (70 feet) to see an incredible assortment of marine life. Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos Sharks, spotted eagle rays and whale sharks drift past The Theatre on the ocean current, providing a breath taking close view of some of the ocean's most magnificent animals. This has been referred top as the world's biggest Imax theatre. The convergence of three major ocean currents creates a unique climate and habitat, bringing an abundance of life and diversity. Scientists are not sure why, but almost all of the whale sharks here are mature, pregnant females. It is believed that they come here from all areas of the planet to bear their young. Surprisingly little is known about this or about what happens in the first few years of a whale shark's life. In May 2021, Darwin's Arch collapsed due to erosion. Scuba divers and nature lovers were devastated at the loss of such a beautiful formation. In a fitting tribute, this structure is now known as Pillars of Evolution. Because this area is protected so vigorously, drone footage, and particularly a drone flythrough is incredibly rare. This footage shows Darwin's Arch in all of its glory before the collapse. It is a spectacular view that can never be recreated.

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