Rate of 'stranger rape' at an all time high in London

For the first time in three decades, the rate of reported sexual assaults by a stranger in London, Ont. has surpassed what experts call "date rape."

Statistics kept by the London Abused Women's Centre revealed the unfortunate trend.

The organization's executive director, Megan Walker, said 93 women reported being raped by a someone they didn't know between January 2016 and January 2017, compared to 77 who reported being date raped.

"The increase was so significant it actually surpassed the number of women who were reporting being date raped," she added.

Walker said many of the attacks happen at parties where women may not be sober or could even be blacked out.

"The only way they've really known they've been sexually violated is because of coming home with pieces of undergarment missing or excess fluids surrounding their bodies," she explained.

University of Western sexual violence educator Danielle Carr said she hears stories of assault from women.

"The conversation that usually happens afterward, particularly in my office, is around not understanding what consent is," she said. "Consent is sober. Consent is consistent."