Rays fan snags home run and dances like an arm-waving maniac

Fans don’t typically expect to catch a home run when they go to a baseball game. They might bring a glove and make sure to sit in a key outfield section, but you can’t expect it and you can’t predict it. That’s why it’s so much fun watching it happen.

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As soon as the home run ball is secured in a fan’s hands, they explode with pure, unadulterated joy. Their brain is so full of happiness, and that happiness has to take a physical form. We’ve seen jumping, hugging, dancing, delighted screaming and so much more. But after a Tampa Bay Rays fan caught a homer on Thursday, we can add something new to that list: magnificent arm-waving craziness.

A fan waves his arms after catching Tim Beckham’s second inning home run. (MLB.TV)

The Rays were taking on the Miami Marlins at Tropicana Field, and in the second inning Rays infielder Tim Beckham slammed a homer into the seats in left center. A fan sitting in the first row of that section was perfectly placed to snag it; all he had to do was stand up and reach out.

When he caught the ball, the horn started blowing and Beckham started racing around the bases. And that fan raised both arms over his head, let out a mighty cheer, and started waving his arms around. And around. And around. His head was bopping and his hips were moving, and for a second he looked like a life-sized bobblehead. It was glorious.

That insane arm waving was so glorious, in fact, that a GIF had to be made.

To that homer-catching, arm-waving Rays fan, thank you for giving us joy and letting it all hang out after you caught that homer. We salute you.

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