RCMP Attend Langenburg Town Council

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Mayor Stasiuk called the regularly scheduled council meeting for the Town of Langenburg to order with all members present.

After reviewing the agenda, Councillor Sicinski made a motion to accept the agenda; motion carried

Next, the minutes were reviewed before Councillor Popp making a motion to accept; motion carried.

The council then reviewed the town’s accounts. After a short discussion, Councillor Lundgren made a motion to accept the accounts as reviewed; motion carried.

Next, the council heard the Town Foreman’s Report. Dave Tucker explained what the town maintenance staff have done over the last two weeks as well as what they are looking at doing over the next two weeks.

Councillor Hunt made a motion to accept the Town Foreman’s Report; motion carried.

Administrator Lemcke reviewed her report with the council. After a short discussion, Councillor Popp made a motion to accept the report which was carried.

Corporal Darcy Theimann of the Esterhazy/Langenburg RCMP was in attendance to have an informal discussion with the council. Corporal Theimann was there to meet the new council as well as to inform the council of what’s happening with the local RCMP, the detachment is short-staffed at this time and it isn’t looking any better coming up as they could be as many as 3 staff members short. COVID restrictions were discussed as well as COVID fines, the RCMP are not going out to issue COVID fines but will investigate any complaints or concerns about COVID restrictions.

Carrying on, the council reviewed the correspondence received by the town over the last two weeks. Councillor Hunt made a motion to file the correspondence which was carried.

The council then moved in-camera with a motion by Councillor Sicinski; motion carried.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal