RCMP officer sentenced to 14 days house arrest for assaulting former girlfriend

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RCMP officer sentenced to 14 days house arrest for assaulting former girlfriend

The crown had wanted RCMP Const. Cameron Lockhart to go to prison for 14 days, but Supreme Court Justice Deborah Paquette said Friday that wasn't necessary.

Lockhart was in St. John's for sentencing, after being found guilty in November of assaulting a former girlfriend eight years ago.

He didn't want her to go to a bachelorette party. They argued and he briefly choked her. She couldn't breathe for a moment and cried, but was not injured.

In sentencing Lockhart to 14 days house arrest, Paquette noted how much time had passed since the offence, and that Lockhart has not been in any other trouble.

He was on active duty until being charged in 2014.

Paquette also noted that the case has had a lot of media attention, and said Lockhart has been shamed, stigmatized and shunned by his peers.

She said he has been virtually isolated and alone, given that his family is in Ontario, and has needed counselling for depression. 

Paquette said even though Lockhart is a police officer, she felt the 14 days house arrest is a sufficient sentence to denounce the crime and be a deterrent.

She said the assault happened in a home and Lockhart is not a threat to the public. 

Allowed to keep gun

The crown had also wanted Lockhart to be banned from having a firearm. Again, Paquette didn't agree, saying that would keep him from "continued employment" as a police officer. 

What will happen with Lockhart is very much up to the RCMP.

He could be disciplined internally, with anything from a letter of reprimand, loss of vacation time, reduction in rank, even dismissal. 

Lockhart's lawyer, Nick Avis, has already said there will be an appeal of the assault conviction.