RCMP officers assaulted, citizen helps apprehension in Maple Ridge incident

Two Ridge Meadows RCMP officers are recovering from injuries after an apprehension attempt became violent on Christmas Day in Maple Ridge, B.C.

A police officer responded to a report of a suspicious woman causing a disturbance outside a restaurant in the 22700 block of Lougheed Highway at approximately 4 p.m. PT Wednesday.

Police said in a statement that upon arrival officers found the woman was acting "erratically" and attempting to self-harm with a sharp metal object.

The woman then ran into oncoming traffic.

"For her personal safety, the police officer attempted to apprehend the woman. There was a bit of a struggle," said Chris Manseau, B.C. RCMP division media relations officer.

After the woman tried to disarm the officer, the police deployed a Taser, which was ineffective.

Help from the public

Several bystanders filmed the incident with their phones.

"Another [citizen] got out of their car, wanted to help the police officer and tried to control the suspect until other members arrived," said Manseau. 

An additional Ridge Meadows RCMP member and police dog services subsequently arrived on the scene. 

The woman continued to resist the apprehension. During the struggle, one police officer received a lower body injury. Another officer received a slash injury above the shoulders, and later received seven stitches at a hospital, Manseau said. 

RCMP say they will not identify the weapons used in the incident at this time. The cause of the suspect's actions and behaviours are currently unknown, as well as why she had the object. 

The female suspect was then transported to hospital.

In a statement, RCMP said they were glad the citizen left his car to help the police officer. 

"While for everyone's safety we always encourage people to allow the police to do their job, we can't help but be ever so thankful to this citizen, this Good Samaritan, who stepped in and assisted our officer. We are incredibly grateful to this person for their courageous actions," Ridge Meadows Supt. Jennifer Hyland said in a statement.