RCMP recover stolen vehicle after crash

The Fort St. John RCMP say they received a report of a stolen truck on the morning of Nov. 28, around 4:46 a.m.

Police say they found the truck upside down in a ditch near the intersection of Alaska Road North and the West Bypass road around 5:03 a.m., after responding to the call, where they say a collision occurred between the truck and another vehicle.

In a press release, RCMP noted that the truck had been left running and unlocked while the owner was at a local convenience store, but the owner had a tracking device in the vehicle and was able to communicate to police where the vehicle was.

The suspect was extracted from the vehicle with the help of the Fort St John Fire Department, RCMP further explained, taken to hospital for injuries reported to be minor.

The investigation is ongoing and the man could face several charges.

We want to remind the public to avoid leaving your vehicle running and unlocked, even if only for a few moment, said Staff Sgt. Scott Watson, Operations NCO for the Fort St John RCMP.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Alaska Highway News