RCMP searching for missing McAdam hunter

A search is underway for a missing hunter from McAdam, N.B.  (Lars Schwarz/CBC - image credit)
A search is underway for a missing hunter from McAdam, N.B. (Lars Schwarz/CBC - image credit)

The search is ongoing for a 77-year-old McAdam man who went missing while hunting and may have spent two nights outdoors.

Kenneth William Snedden was last seen on Friday afternoon at his home. RCMP said on Sunday morning that the man hadn't been found.

The search was suspended on Saturday evening but started up again on Sunday. A helicopter has been involved in the search both days.

RCMP say Snedden was last seen as he was heading out with his vehicle and ATV to go hunting. His vehicle was later located but the ATV was not.

Community searching

McAdam Mayor Ken Stannix said residents of the community have been out assisting with the search on and off throughout the weekend.


This is the first weekend of deer season in New Brunswick, which means a lot more people in the woods who may see Snedden.

"There are a lot of people out hunting these days and they're on four-wheelers, they can cover a lot of ground," said Stannix. "Somebody may see something along the way that looks untoward and be able to report it."

Stannix said he's spoken with Snedden's family and the community is rallying behind them.

Concern grows

He said there is concern for Snedden because of his age and the fact the past two nights have seen temperatures fall to around freezing.

However, Stannix said Snedden was wearing good clothing when he headed out and is an experienced hunter and outdoorsman.

"He'd been out in that area many times with his brother and other family members here, so we knew he knew the area fairly well," said Stannix.

Snedden is described as being five foot nine inches and 175 pounds with short brown and grey hair and a moustache.

He was last seen wearing an orange hunting vest and hat with a camo jacket, jeans and boots.

His ATV is a red Honda TRX 350 with the New Brunswick licence plate number YD8529.

Anyone with information on the matter is asked to contact the RCMP.