An RCMP Ticket That You Will Want To Get

The Swan Hills RCMP detachment officers have been working hard on positive community outreach efforts to connect with youth and children in the community. One current program that’s having a noticeable impact is the Positive Ticket program.

The Positive Ticket program was introduced in July in response to an influx of reports from concerned community members about young people not wearing helmets while biking around Swan Hills. Some community members asked the detachment if they could speak to youth, kids, and parents about bicycle safety.

In response to the reports and requests from the community, the RCMP and Community Peace Officer implemented a program where they give out Positive Tickets when they “catch” youth and children wearing bike helmets and displaying bike safety awareness. The colourful tickets prominently display the message “Congratulations! Great job on demonstrating bike safety in our town!”

The officers are keeping their eyes peeled while on patrol for opportunities to reward bike safety conscious kids and provide education on bike and road safety where it would be helpful. Positive Tickets recipients can redeem them for a kiddie ice cream cone at Newcastle Confectionery.

Cst. Zack Riddell explained that this program has made a noticeable difference in the community, with a lot more kids wearing helmets when riding their bikes. According to Cst. Riddell, the program has been very well received by the community. The officers have already handed out over 50 Positive Tickets and want to keep the program going.

The Swan Hills RCMP detachment would like to thank Cody Robichaud and Ralph Morrison for donating funds toward the Positive Ticket program.

July was a busy month for community outreach. The RCMP partnered with the P.A.W.S. program, the Community Peace Officer, and the Swan Hills Fire Department members at the end of the month to hold a bike rodeo at the Swan Hills School. Seventeen young people took part in the rodeo, learning about traffic signs, using hand signals, braking and turning, basic bike repair, and the rules of the road. Afterwards, they completed a bicycle obstacle course created by the event’s organizers. The RCMP would like to send out a special thank you to Josh Davies and Jenna Gardiner for their help putting on this event.

As we approach the end of October, there are still further community outreach opportunities to come. On Oct. 27, RCMP officers will be taking on Swan Hills School students on the volleyball court. Spectators are welcome to come and cheer on either or both teams. The action starts at 2:30 PM.

Watch for RCMP officers on Halloween; they will be patrolling the community, handing out candy and promoting road safety.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette