RCMP warn Islanders to properly clear vehicles of snow, ice

RCMP are reminding people to clear off their cars before driving.

Officers with Queens District RCMP recently charged a driver in Stratford, P.E.I., for failing to clear their car of snow and ice.

The side and rear windows had not been cleared, leaving the front with only a small patch of clear window.

"That's probably one of the worst cases I've seen in a long time," said Const. Jamie Parsons, with Queens District RCMP.

"I would describe it as looking out of a little round porthole window ... of a boat," Parsons said. "I mean you can't see to your sides of nothing, you're only looking straight ahead and, very dangerous."

Parsons believes the driver wasn't on the road for long before she was pulled over. 

"She admitted she was in a rush," he said. "She was in a hurry to get somewhere."

Parsons said it's not uncommon for police to stop people during snowstorms for not properly clearing their cars.

He said people who are caught driving without clearing their cars could find themselves with a ticket of $150.

"We are now right in the middle of winter so there should be no excuse for not having the tools," Parsons said.

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