RDCK okays pot shop for Crescent Valley

·1 min read

A proposal for a recreational cannabis retail store in Crescent Valley was approved by the RDCK board at its April meeting.

Ekstatsis Valley Holdings, which owns the Evergreen Natural Foods grocery store at the south end of the valley, is proposing to close its coffee shop/deli in the building and replace it with a cannabis retail outlet.

RDCK staff didn’t see major issues with the proposed development, and recommended referring the application to higher authorities.

“Cannabis retail stores in general may not be seen by some community members as positive growth, however, staff outline that the commercial retail use is consistent with the general land use mix in the vicinity, and no submissions from the public were received as part of the application’s notification process,” said a staff report, later noting that “no significant impact on the community is anticipated if the application is approved.”

There were a few provisos, though. The board recommended hours of operation should mirror those approved by the LCRB for the rural liquor store agency located across the street. Traffic to and from the outlet was also a concern, and the committee recommended the Ministry of Transportation be approached by Ekstasis for a new permit “to address any potential traffic and safety issues.”

The RDCK’s approval is a big hurdle jumped, but the proponents still have several provincial and federal requirements to fulfill before they can sell their first spliff. The recommendation will now go to the Province’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Board, which along with Ottawa looks at the company’s ownership, finances, security, building and safety plans. It will likely be several months before the final approvals are received.

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice