Read and React: Old guy vs. older guy in Week 6

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Welcome to the (almost) weekend! More and more, this year's looking less and less normal. No Thursday Night Football last night, two Monday night games ahead, and who knows what will happen with this week's COVID-team-du-jour, the Falcons? For now, let's roll on with the big storylines of Week 6. (All lines courtesy of our crew at BetMGM.)

Icon battle. The marquee game of the weekend: Green Bay (-1) against Tampa Bay, which of course we in the media handily reduce to AARON RODGERS VERSUS TOM BRADY, as if nobody else on the team does a damn thing. Strange thing is, for as long as these two don't-even-bother-to-vote Hall of Famers have been in the league, this is only the third time they've ever met, with each cat getting one win. The Packers look like the better team, but Brady's shaking off the rust and the senior moments, and the Bucs are gaining speed. This'll be a good one.

Put up or shut up. Two of the most surprising teams in the league meet this weekend, as the smoke-and-mirrors Bears meet the off-brand replacement-part Panthers (-1). Chicago is sneaking off with wins in games it should have lost, while the Panthers are bonding together in their inexperience, ignoring the narrative that they were supposed to stink this year. Neither of these teams looks like anything more than first-round playoff chum, but then that's probably exactly what they want you to think.

The Acela Showdown. After KC handed Baltimore its tailfeathers a few weeks back, the Ravens have largely cruised below the national radar, and Lamar Jackson's un-MVP-esque performances have kept them low. But the Ravens (-7.5) are still 4-1, traveling to Philly to meet the Eagles, and a date with a 1-2-1 team is always good for what ails ya. Philly, meanwhile, is in full WTFIWWW (what the, uh, heck is wrong with Wentz) mode.

Rust Belt ruckus. If the NFC North was a high school movie, this would be the point when the nerd who spent the summer working out is ready to challenge his bully. The Browns will meet the undefeated Steelers (-3.5) Sunday, and for the first time in living memory the line is less than three touchdowns. (This may not actually be true.) This is one of many Big Tests looming for Baker Mayfield and Co., and it'll go a long way toward judging just how seriously we should take this crew.

Detroit (-3.5) vs. Jacksonville. If you are a fan of either of these teams, this is a prime chance to get a win. If you are not a fan of either of these teams and you willingly watch this game, seek professional help.

Cam back. The Patriots (-10) take on the Broncos this weekend, and we're a long way from the days of Brady vs. Manning. Cam Newton returns from a COVID-imposed absence, and the Patriots once again will start to prove they're still the team to beat in the AFC East. The Broncos, meanwhile, will ... collect game checks? I dunno.

‌Enjo y the weekend, everyone! Stay safe and we'll catch you right back here Monday morning.


Carlos Correa brought the Astros up off the deck with this no-doubt-about-it walkoff home run, forcing a Game 6 against the Rays in the ALCS. There's no sweeter move in sports ... well, unless you just gave up the gopher ball.

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(TBS / Twitter)

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