Real life fairytale: 10 commoners who married royals

Hannah Kramer

It's no surprise why the world is infatuated with Kate Middleton.

A picture-perfect romance in university took her from commoner to beloved royal, thrusting the beauty into the spotlight and giving her a title that many can only dream of. Now with two adorable children -- and one on the way -- the Duchess' life seems straight out of a storybook.

But she's not the only commoner who has married into a royal family. In fact, there are dozens of other stories of regular people who met the love of their life on a ski trip or at a bar, only to later realize he or she is in line to the throne.

Whether these couples are defying royal tradition, swapping reality shows for tiaras, or marrying a man 25-years younger, here are our favorite real life fairytales.