Real life MEGARANG Boomerang from TY Tasmanian Tiger

This is a real life Megarang returning boomerang. Made by Victor Poulin. A legend in the world of boomerangs. Victor made so many dreams come true with this functional art piece. Made out of aircraft 10 ply aircraft birch. A specialty wood only made in Finland. This boomerang originates from the video game TY Tasmanian Tiger. Megarang: Using Julius` patented Super Seeking Technology, the Megarang can target up to three baddies in a single throw. It is ideal for those highly populated areas, and great fun to watch bouncing from one confused frill to the next. While the Mk1 was an exceptional rang, Julius felt that it could do with a bit of a spruce up and hence the Mk 2 was born. Boomerangs are the in choice of weapons during Ty's adventures. Most of them are created by Julius, like the Technorangs.