A Real Quick Deep Dive on Finneas’s Girlfriend Claudia Sulewski in Case You’re in the Mood to Snoop

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A Real Quick Deep Dive on Claudia SulewskiJeff Kravitz - Getty Images

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With the Grammys right around the corner, it’s truly wild to think that it was at last year’s ceremony that Finneas casually showed up with his longtime girlfriend Claudia Sulewski by his side and quite literally broke the internet. And tbh, I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I melted bearing witness to their impeccable vibes and heartwarming smiles.

So, who is Claudia and what is her whole entire deal? Let’s get into it! For starters…

She’s a super-successful YouTuber

Claudia currently boasts more than 2.47 million subscribers on her channel, and I, for one, am beyond proud to have been one of her earliest, nbd. She began the account when she was only 13 years old and has since grown a massive following and continues to posts videos ranging from hauls to personal life updates.

“With YouTube and social media and when you’re looking at Instagram and photos are glammed up, that can feel very much like a persona,” Claudia told Nylon back in March 2022. “With my YouTube videos, I try to keep them as stripped back as possible, because I think what people gravitate toward is honesty and humility and vulnerability. I’m grateful to have always taken that approach.”

She and Finneas adopted a dog together

In December 2019, the duo rescued a pit bull named Peaches and shared the v exciting news on Instagram.

Captioned, “MEET OUR PITTY PEACH 🐾 we adopted her from a wonderful nonprofit @angelcitypits and I vlogged the first 24 hours with her,” the post was the first of many glimpses into the couple’s life with their new pet, who still frequently appears on their social media and in Claudia’s YouTube vids.

P.S. She even has her own Instagram account, @Ms.PeachPit, which legit everyone should go ahead and follow for content like this:

She’s also an actor

In fact, Claudia recently starred in I Love My Dad alongside Patton Oswalt—a big change from social media. Of the project, she dished to Elle, “One of the most exciting parts about the process of I Love My Dad was James [Morosini, the film’s director] and I would talk about shots all the time. There are certain shots in the film where I’ve hinted or maybe thought, What if my foot just appeared in the shot? I should be walking on the counter. It was so fun to feel heard and seen with those smaller ideas.…Bless James’s heart for entertaining all of it.” Elsewhere in the chat, Claudia confesses that she’s “never been prouder of anything else in my life.…I feel just so giddy. It’s very surreal.”

Honestly? Something tells me this is far from the last time we’ll see her on the big screen, but until then, other places ya might recognize her from? The Hulu series The Commute, the TV short A Christmas Carol + Zombies, and the series Runaways.

Claudia and Finneas actually met on a dating app

And since they began dating in 2018, their feeds have been nothing short of cuteness overload.

Last September, Finneas even shared a sweet tribute to his girlfriend to commemorate their four years together.

“You’d have to scour the globe to try to find someone equally as talented, creative, and hardworking as you are, my love. Then you’d have to do it a second time to try to find someone as kind, thoughtful, and generous. A third time to find someone as funny, a fourth to find someone as loving, a fifth to find someone as beautiful,” he wrote on Instagram. “How you manage to be every one of these things all at once will forever be the impossibility of you. Happy anniversary, Baby, I love the hell out of you.” Not not crying, promise!

She’s been the inspo behind *tons* of Finneas’s music

Maybe you’ve heard ’em? I mean, one is quite literally called “Claudia,” lol. Back in 2020, the singer opened up to Us Weekly (per J-14) about just how influential his ’ship with his girlfriend is, saying, “Claudia has been a huge influence on my music in terms of just, like, how important she is to my life. I think I’ve always tended to write about my true real-life experiences and she’s definitely at the core of all of that. So there’s a lot of songs about Claudia.”

Plus, in 2022, Finneas also wrote and produced “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa,” which Claudia not only inspired but starred in and directed when it came to the accompanying music video.

“It’s a gushy video for sure!” Claudia told Vogue about the project. “We’re pretty deep in it at this point—we’ve been dating for almost four years, so I think the cat’s out of the bag,” Finneas added.

Brb, manifesting this romance for myself!

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