A reality TV star and an Emmy-nominated host are unmasked during 'Masked Singer' double elimination

During the Group B semifinals on The Masked Singer Wednesday night, it was a double elimination, which meant a double unmasking.

Unfortunately for the Mallard, he wasn't going to be flying much higher in the competition because he became the first mystery celebrity eliminated Wednesday, and panelists and viewers were really ducking surprised when the Mallard unmasked and was revealed to be Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson.

Robertson said he felt very comfortable being a mallard. "When they said 'duck,' I thought, 'yeah.' It was just one of the hardest things I've ever done," admitted Robertson.

All season long, the panelists had been convinced that the Mallard was a country star like Billy Ray Cyrus or John Rich or even a stadium rocker like Jon Bon Jovi.

Robertson shared, "Most of the people that you named, I'm friends with, so I was laughing a lot because I was like, 'He's gonna die when he hears that he thought I was him.' I was so nervous being in front of you, and this has just been a blast.

And from one surprise reveal to another, next up was the Caterpillar, who was bugging out when he became the second celeb to unmask. So who was the Caterpillar?

It was actually a butterfly underneath – Emmy-nominated host and Queer Eye interior design expert Bobby Berk. Again, panelists were totally surprised Berk could sing, so he wasn't even on their radar.

"I can't believe it. Your voice is incredible. I wanna go to your concert and buy your albums," said Jenny McCarthy.

Berk thanked The Masked Singer following his unmasking, as he stated, "Thank you, guys, for being out there in the world and entertaining people, you know? More than ever, we need amazing people like you that make us smile. No matter how stupid some of the things you say are, they're funny!"

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