We Really Have to Talk About Selena Gomez's New Bangs

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Selena Gomez just answered the eternal question of “Should I get bangs?” with a resounding “YES!” The actor and Rare Beauty founder sneakily debuted a fresh fringe at her friend Nicola Peltz-Beckham's movie premiere and we really need to talk about it.

You may have missed the bangs because they came immediately before the 2024 Grammy Awards, and Gomez wasn't present for the awards show. However, this fringe absolutely deserves its moment in the spotlight!

Gomez has been in chameleon mode over the past month, and the bangs are simply the latest addition to lots of fun hair changes. The bangs in question are cut long on either side, hitting well below her brows, and slightly shorter in the center so she could easily brush them away from her forehead, curtain bang-style. When paired with her dark, multidimensional hair color and layered waves, she really does look like a dead ringer for iconic singer (and equally iconic bang-wearer) Linda Ronstadt — the very musician she is set to play in a forthcoming biopic. They have an effortless, casual cool '70s appeal that really works for Gomez. For her glam, Gomez kept it simple and classic with a warm raspberry lipstick, pretty pink blush, and black liner.

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Selena Gomez New Bangs

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This isn't to say Gomez hasn't ever worn bangs before; she definitely has. In early 2022, her wispy, messy bob and matching bangs practically broke the internet and launched a thousand copycat cuts, the combo was that good. Bangs are one of the easiest ways to make a big difference in your look without cutting off a ton of hair, and when you get the bangs itch, it's hard not to scratch it. Gomez loves going from short to long and back again with bobs and extensions, like when she recently ditched her summery blonde highlights and long lengths in favor of her go-to lob cut. Whether or not the bangs stick around remains to be seen, but I'm crossing my fingers that Gomez is in her '70s singer-songwriter hair era.

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