Realtor mom catches daughter perfectly imitating her at work: ‘Home girl is a closer, period!’

They say kids are echo chambers of adults and that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well, they were right about at least one realtor mama who appears to be raising a realtor daughter.

TikTok mom @cyndalcallihanrealtor posted a video of her daughter “playing.” It’s not uncommon for children to imagine themselves as adults with careers as playtime, especially if their parents have jobs. But this little girl was able to embody the spirit of a realtor — perhaps even the spirit of her mama.

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“When your mom is a realtor,” the video caption read.

The #RealEstateKid (as her mom dubbed her) used a small table as a desk, an open book as a laptop and her hand as a telephone. But it was what her other hand was doing that sold it. The little girl gestured by slamming her hand on the table matter-of-factly as she delivered bad news to a client.

“We’re not gonna be able to get it on contract… We can get it to this… What I wanna say is… I’m not able to get it underrrr… I was thinking that we could do it another waaaaay or get it under contract?” the little girl said.

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Not only did TikTokers find the video hilarious, but they also praised the mother and daughter’s closing skills.

Home girl is a closer, period!” a person said.

“Based on her script I can tell you’re a great realtor!!! Go mom!” a user wrote.

“Sounds like she’s learning from the best! There’s always a way!” someone commented.

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