Rebel Wilson made her high school teacher cry with a savage prank

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Actress Rebel Wilson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, where she shared a story about the time she pulled a savage prank on one of her teachers in high school.

Wilson brought her high school yearbook with her to share with Jimmy Kimmel, which revealed how active she was in the school's extracurricular activities. The actress also said that she was "a good student" and even graduated from the top law school in Australia. However, despite being her high school's basketball captain and a bookworm, she also admitted to being "a little bit cheeky."

"So, in the boarding house I would mastermind the escapes," explained Wilson. "We had bars on our windows. It was that type of good Christian school. Then I would organize the escapes to go. I'd work out all the passcodes for the alarms, like, 'Let's go, let's go.' Then one time I locked a teacher in a cupboard for four hours." In hindsight, Wilson said she feels bad about the prank but, at the time, she thought she was doing it for good reason.

"She was a mean teacher. It was really good revenge," said Wilson, who went on to explain how she pretended like there was something in the cupboard in order to lure her in, then proceeded to push her teacher inside and lock the door.

Wilson admitted, "Yeah, she cried. And she could never tell which girl it was that pushed her in. So they lined us up and were, like, 'Which one was it?' And I'm, like, 'Don't say anything, guys. Don't say anything.' And then no one ratted me out."

Wilson is currently promoting her new film, Senior Year, in which she plays a popular high school cheerleader who wakes up from a 20-year coma. Based on the stories she shared with Kimmel, it sounds like she related to her character.

"I was voted deputy head girl, which is kind of the second-most popular girl at the school, which is why I'm on the front cover of the book," said Wilson as she referenced her yearbook.

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