Recalled gin not sold in New Brunswick, despite warnings from Bacardi

Despite earlier reports that a recall of defective bottles of Bombay Sapphire gin applied to New Brunswick, both Bacardi, which owns the brand, and NB Liquor confirm the recall doesn't affect the province.

"This incident is isolated to only the following Canadian provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan," Bacardi spokesperson Amy Federman wrote in an email to CBC News, correcting an earlier statement to CBC News that listed New Brunswick.

Mark Barbour, spokesperson for NB Liquor, confirmed this as well.

- Bombay Sapphire gin recalled; alcohol content 77% instead of 40% 

"ANBL has verified the inventory in the warehouse, and we do not have any [affected] Bombay Sapphire gin lot," Barbour said in an email. "We also emailed and called our stores to verify the inventory on hand, and we do not have any of that product for sale at any location in NB.

"This recall does not affect NB."

Bombay Saphire gin in 1.14-litre bottles with the lot number L16304 W have been recalled for having more alcohol than stated on the label. The bottles contained 77 per cent alcohol, while the bottle was labelled 40 per cent.