A record-breaking night at the Labrador Winter Games

It was a record-breaking end of the week for the "Olympics of the north" as the Labrador Winter Games held one of its most popular and physically taxing events: the Northern Games.

Born out of traditional skill-building games practiced in Inuit communities during the long dark winter, the Northern Games test strength, agility, flexibility and overall endurance.

The event includes the Labrador hurdles, over the rope, the one foot high kick, and the seal race.

Neko Dyson beat his own previous record at the seal crawl, previously 12.29 seconds, coming in at 12.1 seconds.

Grade 12 student Abi Hanrahan Miller from Happy Valley-Goose Bay also broke the record to take home the win in the high kick event, known locally as the seal kick.

Hanrahan Miller, who is five feet three inches tall, kicked the small stuffed seal at a height of seven feet two inches.

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