Recount ends in tie, Lubik declared winner after blind name draw

Incumbent Amy Lubik has officially been re-elected, after initially appearing to have lost her seat by two votes to newcomer Dave Stuart.

A provincial judge observed over a recount of two polling stations on Oct. 27, after Lubik submitted an application the previous day citing “irregularities.”

Following the recount, each candidate was tied with 3,597 votes. Lubik’s count went up four votes, and Stuart went up two.

The city’s local election bylaw states that in the result of the tie, the winner will be decided by drawing names out of a container.

“The name of each candidate was written on a separate piece of paper, folded in a uniform manner, and placed in a container large enough to allow them to be shaken,” reads a press release from the city.

“One paper was then randomly withdrawn from the container, and Judge Lee declared elected Amy Lubik for the sixth seat on Port Moody City Council.”

Patrick Penner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Tri-Cities Dispatch