Recycling changes take effect July 1

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Paper, metal, plastic and cardboard can be dropped off at a temporary location on the south side of the Co-op Ranchland Centre parking lot. The site will be fenced and will be available seven days a week.

Bottles, cans and other beverage containers will still be accepted at the KJ Cameron Service Industries bottle depot.

Bins at the temporary site will be provided and managed by the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association, which will also haul material to the landfill for recycling.

Since the MD and Town of Pincher Creek already contract waste services with the landfill, Reeve Brian Hammond says adding recycling to the site is a good way to create an effective regional service.

“We have the facility, we already partner and contribute to its operation, and it’s an effective waste-management site and they have the ability to take on additional recycling obligations,” he says, adding that the change does not indicate service at KJ Cameron was ineffective but that combining waste and recycling at the landfill was part of a larger operational philosophy.

“If we can find a way to make the transfer reasonably priced and effective, we should do that,” says Reeve Hammond.

Eventually, the site at the Co-op parking lot will be replaced with a permanent site. The current plan is to establish a permanent transfer station down by the MD offices at Herron Avenue and Macleod Street (Highway 785).

Finalizing the site will take some time, however, as it involves moving the bulk water station.

Surveying will be completed this week, along with engineer drawings and price estimates. The MD has set aside $350,000 for the site, though chief administrative officer Troy MacCulloch says the figure was set high to accommodate complications that may arise.

“We’re hoping it’s an all-in figure,” he says.

Current plans include having eight bins from the landfill on-site, two of which would be designated for garbage. The location would be manned with a CNPC landfill employee Tuesday through Saturday, with material being hauled to the landfill daily. The location will be fenced and will have security cameras.

The MD anticipates its own public works department will do the site preparation work, with local companies contracted for the actual construction. The tentative goal is to have the permanent recycling site operational by October.

Sean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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