Recycling partner project will take wood fibre waste

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$299,759 will go toward reusing wood fibre waste in Chetwynd, under a partnership project led by Duz Cho Logging of the McLeod Lake Indian Band and Canfor Energy North.

“We were very pleased with the opportunity to help take the lead in this project,” said Duz Cho Logging Manager Chris Hayward, in a press release.

“One of our core principles at Duz Cho is we ensure the footprints we leave behind are the ones our children will be proud to walk in, and this project was definitely in alignment,” he said.

The funding came from the Forest Enhancement Society of BC as part of a green initiative funding 14 projects across the province, including this one.

Hayward added fewer greenhouse gas emissions will be created as the project eliminates pile burning of low-grade residual wood fibre materials.

The fibre is now being hauled to the Canfor Energy North Pellet plant in Chetwynd, chipped and used for pellet and energy production.

14,742 cubic metres of residual waste fibre were used by the project, equivalent to 295 truckloads

Canfor North’s Woodlands Manager Don Rosen says the project is a win economically and environmentally.

“The project helped to expand our capacity for what we can do as a company in the future to better utilize fibre from our operations and create additional revenue streams for our partners like Duz Cho,” wrote Rosen.

“We also know there are downstream benefits of these projects for logging contractors and haulers/truckers. We look forward to doing more.”

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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