Red plaid shirts, men in kilts hit the stage in Wingham

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WINGHAM – The Mudmen wowed the crowd at the Wingham Town Hall Theatre on Saturday night with their much-anticipated return to the stage, adoring fans of the Celtic rock band quickly filling the seats for the long-awaited return of live music to downtown Wingham.

Before the show, brothers Robby and Sandy Campbell greeted their guests in person at the door, telling stories and entertaining fans with their well-known, unique personalities.

Kelly Blair travelled from Hamilton to see the show.

“Off to Wingham for the night. We are seeing the Mudmen and I’m super excited,” she said in a social media post.

From the stage, lead singer Colin Amey gave a shout out to his friends who came all the way from Kingston, Ont. to see the show.

On stage, the band put on a high-energy show for their fans, regaling them with old favourites like “Old Plaid Shirt” and “Drink and Fight”, as well as introducing them to some new material from their upcoming album, Farmer’s Tan.

“Remember Me,” a song inspired by Lemy of Motorhead, and “Ron Maclean’s Reel” – “an instrumental song in honour of Ron who has helped us so much” – are two of the bands newest songs they performed in Wingham.

Other new music covered at the show included Farmer’s Tan, Lady Luck, Good Guy and several more, the much-anticipated album has a tentative release date of June 19.

The group is working on a documentary film titled 20 Plus years in the Mud, featuring one of their new songs called “All In” - a song about not giving up, beating the odds.

Originally named “The Campbell Brothers,” the brothers signed a deal with EMI Records when they were first discovered in 1993 and changed their name to Mudmen.

The Mudmen, who were established in 1998, will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2023.

Their website says the band’s music has been featured on several Canadian broadcasts including six of Don Cherry’s Rock ’em Sock’ em hockey videos, and during a special tribute to Dale Hunter during an episode of Hockey Night in Canada’s Coach’s Corner.

The dynamic group produced six music videos that aired on Much Music/MTV and reached the top 20 countdown on 102.1 The Edge radio (Toronto).

“In 2008, the Campbell Brothers were asked to perform on the new ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ theme song produced by the iconic Canadian music producer, Bob Rock, where Ron MacLean said to the nation, ‘Mudmen we love em.’”

The group performed at two nationally televised Canada Day celebrations and even got to shake hands with the Queen.

The band has “legions of fans young and old,” the Celtic Rock genre creating a unique and enjoyable experience for all ages.

“Robby and Sandy Campbell, Colin Amey, Jordon Brosseau, Andy Gingerich and Alex Showdra believe that nice guys can finish first, while enjoying life and what you do translates to all audiences. It has been said to describe ‘Canada’s Celtic Rock Warriors’ in one word, one would say fun!”

The Mudmen have a gruelling schedule for the next few months, with live performances across Ontario, including Lucknow’s Music in the Fields, Aug. 25-27 and the Kincardine Scottish Festival being held from July 1–3.

The Mudmen will be travelling to the United States to perform, with dates to be announced soon, Robby Campbell told the Wingham Advance Times.

You can find a complete line-up of upcoming shows on the Mudmen website:

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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