Red, white and meh? New report says California is far from the most patriotic state

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California’s 35th in the rankings of patriotic states.

So says a study released Monday by WalletHub, which analyzes financial data. It engaged six academic experts and used 13 different metrics to assess each state’s patriotism.

Virginia was number one. Arkansas was last. California sank as it tanked low in both “military engagement” and “civic engagement.”

California’s overall ranking “reflects a mix of strengths and weaknesses in military and civic engagement,” WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe told The Bee:

The state ranked high—16th—in the number of active-duty military personnel. But it did poorly in other military-related areas, dropping to 48th in veterans per capita and 50th in share of the civilian adult population in the military reserves.

“This suggests that while California is home to many active-duty service members, it does not retain as many veterans, and fewer residents participate in the reserves,’’ said Happe.

California had mixed results in the civic engagement area. It was seventh highest in voter participation in the 2020 primary elections, which had a lively Democratic contest, but 32nd in voting in the general election. The state’s volunteerism ranked 44th.

Where California did shine was in its requirement of U.S. history and civics education, where it led the nation.

Virginia topped the list as it finished third in the active duty military personnel category and second in the veterans area.

It also excelled in the civic categories, with voter turnout higher than the national average and an above-average number of Peace Corps volunteers.

At the bottom were Arkansas and New York. Arkansas ranked last, as it was 50th in civic engagement. New York was 49th, ranking last in military engagement.


“Mail solicitations have started looking like bills and official state mail, confusing many consumers. This especially affects our seniors, who are the most likely demographic to fall for mail scams and inadvertently pay something they were not required to.”

- Sen. Kelly Seyarto, R-Murrieta, whose bill, SB 1096, to require transparent mail labeling has been signed into law, in a statement.

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