Redcliff Legion keeping its members fed

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The Redcliff Legion is making sure none of its members or their families go hungry during these uncertain times.

The Legion recently launched a program that will allow its members to eat for free whenever they are in need of a meal.

“With COVID and everything that’s going on, we felt we needed to do something to help our veterans and members out,” said membership executive Nicole Pilon. “Honestly, it’s just something that needed to be done.”

The Redcliff Legion has helped about 10 families so far and is hoping to help more as the word spreads.

“Veterans are a really proud group of people and I think it can be hard for them to ask for help,” said Pilon. “We’re hoping that as time passes, people will get more comfortable coming in and asking for help if they need it.”

Pilon says members, veterans and their families are eligible for free meals. On top of military, RCMP or air force members are also welcome.

“We don’t have a limit set, it’s just whatever they need,” she said. “If someone has a family they need to feed, we will help them. We just need to see some sort of proof of dependence.

“We originally planned to just do this for the Holidays, but we’re going to run this program indefinitely.”

The Legion has a revamped menu and is now offering takeout services, both of which are launching with this program.

“The menu is great and we can’t keep up for the demand for our fish and chips,” said Pilon. “If someone is getting a free meal they can pick something off the menu and pick it up.”

Pilon says the Legion is thankful for the support this year.

“Legions are closing down all over the place,” she said. “We’re thankful for our community for supporting us this year.

“I think Redcliff sees the importance of the Legion and its history, and we appreciate everyone supporting us.”

Mo Cranker, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News