What about reducing MLA severance? Green leader asks

What about reducing MLA severance? Green leader asks

The leader of the Green Party wants to know what happened to the P.E.I. government's commitment to review severance packages for MLAs.

In the P.E.I. Legislature Tuesday, Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker remarked that the MacLauchlan government twice pledged to reduce the packages in previous throne speeches, but made no mention of it in the speech delivered last week.

"This is part of a disappointing trend with this government," said Bevan-Baker.

"Promises are dropped when they conflict with interests of the Liberal Party or Liberal MLAs. A question to the premier: why has government not yet tabled a bill to reduce MLA severance packages?"

Bevan-Baker said last month's resignation of Doug Currie made the question topical again. MLAs currently receive one month's salary for every year of service, up to a maximum of a year's base salary.

For Currie, that added up to more than $70,000.

MLAs get that severance regardless of how they leave— by resignation or election defeat or choosing not to run — and it is in addition to any pension they receive from the legislature.

"This is something that concerns all members of the house," Premier Wade MacLauchlan responded.

"It's something that we should be undertaking in a more collaborative manner, and that will be done."

MacLauchlan said any changes would not affect the severance packages of current MLAs, but only those elected after a new system was put in place.

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