Redvers council agrees to hire additional student employee

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During their regularly scheduled meeting on March 24th the Town of Redvers has decided to hire an additional student employee through the summer months.

After hearing concerns from public works employees about the time associated with collecting bags of leaves, Redvers Town Council brought forward the option of hiring an additional summer student that would allow them to keep the transfer station open longer.

By bringing on an additional summer student, the town will be able to continue the ongoing pick-up of leaf bags.

While the hours are not yet determined, the Town of Redvers has decided to expand the hours for the transfer station.

Council passed a motion to approve the hiring of an additional summer student.

Asset management program upgraded

During the regular scheduled Redvers Town Council meeting on March 24th, the council discussed plans to expand their MuniSoft PubWorks program for asset management.

The Government of Saskatchewan is asking for municipalities to expand their asset management to include details about capital assets which include life expectancy and condition.

“It’s government regulation that we have to do it. This has been going on since I started. They want to know absolutely every asset that we have. Water lines, sewer lines, below ground or on top of the ground, so we did that,” said Town Administrator, Bonnie Rutten.

Rutten explained that due to the new requests from the government, they will need to upgrade their old software as it does not have room to add the additional details.

“The program we had at the time isn’t big enough to add additional columns for that. So we probably should upgrade our asset management software.”

Another option that was provided to council was the option of hiring an engineer to complete a detailed list of the town’s capital assets, however, due to the cost associated with hiring an engineer, council decided against it.

Council passed a motion to upgrade their current PubWorks program to expand the details of their capital assets.

Benefits of leasing presented to council

During the regular scheduled Redvers Town Council meeting last week, Councillor Ken Thomas proposed the idea of leasing a new truck when the time comes to replace the current town vehicle.

Thomas explained the benefits of leasing the vehicle to other members of council, explaining that the vehicle would remain under warranty and could be exchanged every few years.

Concerns were brought up in regards to damage and wear and tear to the vehicles by other members of council.

Thomas says that additional equipment, such as bed liners, would need to be purchased in order to minimize the damage done to the vehicle from general wear and tear.

The topic was tabled until the next Redvers Town Council meeting.

New signs for transfer station

The Redvers Town Council discussed the purchase of new signs for the transfer station during their regularly scheduled meeting on March 24th.

In an effort to begin preparing for a potential entry for the 2022 Communities in Bloom, Redvers Town Council is working towards beautifying the town which includes the purchase of new signs to help keep the transfer station clean.

Council is currently waiting for quotes from various signage companies and has only received a quote from Airmaster Signs so far.

The subject was tabled until the following meeting in hopes of acquiring additional quotes.

Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator