Redvers council approves fire department budget

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At the regular Redvers Town Council meeting on Wednesday, council passed a motion to approve the fire department budget.

The fire department is asking for $15,600 from the RM and town this year, an increase from last year. The fire department had $30,000 left over in a savings account from last year from additional fundraising. The money was moved over into the department’s operating budget, and the fire department is planning to spend $19,000 on new radios in 2021.

Council also passed a motion to approve and show their support for the fire department’s new code of ethics.

“It addresses everything, it addresses the code of conduct, speaking to media, the use of cellphones, social media, and political correctness. It approaches a lot of hot topics right now,” explained Mayor Brad Bulbuck.

Bylaw enforcement contract renewed

A motion was passed to renew the commissionaires contract for the 2021/2022 year. Commissionaires is a company hired by the town to enforce bylaws on behalf of Redvers.

The bylaw enforcement agents will operate at the same hours they did in the 2020/2021 year, which is four hours per week from May to September, then four hours monthly for October to April 2022.

The rate for the annual contract was approved at $5,684, which is the same rate as the past year. Council passed the motion to approve the renewal of the yearly contract.

Council votes to oppose MOS rebranding

Municipalities of Saskatchewan (MOS), formerly know as Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), is asking its members to vote on its recent rebranding from SUMA to MOS.

There has been some pushback on the rebranding, with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) saying the name change indicates that MOS represents all municipalities in the province, when it does not, and many of SUMA’s members disagreeing with the rebranding.

SARM has also pointed out that the rebranding goes against provincial legislation, which would need to be amended in order to change SUMA’s name.

In the case of Redvers, the town has stated they feel the rebranding is a first step on behalf of SUMA to move towards amalgamating smaller urban municipalities with rural municipalities, similar to what happened in Manitoba.

Redvers Town Council discussed the subject during their regular town council meeting last week.

“They’re going to take votes from their members as to whether or not we agree with the rebranding or not. I’m personally against the rebrand, I would like it to go back to SUMA,” said Mayor Brad Bulbuck.

Other members of council agreed with Bulbuck’s concerns, however, Councillor Ken Thomas was concerned that the money was already spent by the organization on the rebranding, and it may cost more to undo the rebranding.

Bulbuck pointed out that although the rebranding had taken place, with SUMA spending money on a new logo, letterhead and website, the name change is not yet official.

Council passed a motion unanimously not to support the rebranding.

Church congregation disbands, makes donation to Redvers Cemetery

The Town of Redvers received a donation of $7,225 for the upkeep and maintenance of Redvers Cemetery.

The donation was made after the Knox United Church congregation disbanded as of Dec. 31, 2020 and made plans to disburse the remaining funds of the congregation.

Council was informed of the donation in a letter from Knox United Church Treasurer Karen Dangstorp and Chairperson Graham James. “While we are saddend by the closure of our congregation, we are happy to make a financial donation to be directed to the Redvers Cemetery,” they said.

Redvers Town Council passed a motion to accept the donation as well as to publicly thank the Knox United Church for their donation.

Council votes to change Handi-Van schedule

Sandy Russell, who operates the Handi-Van in Redvers, requested for the council change the days the Handi-Van runs. She requested to operate the Handi-Van from Tuesday to Thursday rather than the previous schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Russell explained that there was only a single person who utilizes the van’s services on Fridays but she has already spoken with the individual who is fine with the change.

Councillor Ken Thomas expressed concern regarding the schedule change, saying that the operation of the Handi-Van on Fridays allows for individuals to do their grocery shopping after the weekly flyers are released.

“On Thursday the Co-op flyer goes out, and on Friday the other food store has their flyer come out. So some of these people might want to do some flyer shopping on Fridays. I’m fine with the three days a week, but I wonder if it could be Wednesday Thursday Friday,” said Thomas.

Council passed the motion to go to a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule with councillor Ken Thomas voting against the motion.

Town interested in participating in Communities in Bloom

CAO Bonnie Redvers presented council with some information on the Communities in Bloom program. The town discussed it and decided they would be interested at participating in Communities in Bloom in 2022.

Council agrees to pay plumbing invoice

Council passed a motion to pay a plumbing invoice for a residence after a blockage was found to be in the town’s sewer line.

The residents reported they first had a blockage in December that was within their sewer line, but found another blockage in January that extended past the property line and into town’s sewer line.

When the foreman inspected the town’s sewer line, no issues with the line were found.

While it is believed that the first blockage in December was pushed into the town’s line, which caused the second blockage in January, council agreed to pay the plumbing invoice for the January blockage.

Council is asking the residents that any further blockages be reported to the town foreman before contacting a plumber for repairs.

Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator