Redvers council sharing success stories

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by Spencer Kemp

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

During their meeting last week, Redvers Town Council received correspondence from Christina Birch, Regional Economic Development Co-ordinator with CF Sunrise, asking the town to highlight success stories the town has seen in the past year.

Council took some time during the meeting to discuss success stories to share with Birch.

Redvers Town Council made note of the tourism board and its efforts with the gazebo area in town. Because the area was not being used due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism board took the opportunity to remove old willow trees and tidy up the area.

New trees have been purchased and will be planted in the coming weeks.

Council also made note of the various organizations, including the recreation board, golf club, tourism board, and chamber of commerce, and their efforts to put together a Stay and Play initiative.

The goal of the Stay and Play initiative is to offer incentives to people who spend a weekend in Redvers. While details are being worked out, CAO Bonnie Rutten says it could include free ice cream and reduced rates for golfing admission fees.

Council explained that the teamwork from the different organizations has been a huge success for the town.

Council also said that the work being done on the sidewalks in the community has been a success in their efforts to beautify the town.

These success stories will be highlighted during the Saskatchewan Economic Development Week.

Council happy with street sweeper performance

Following a successful clean of Redvers streets, Redvers Town Council says they are happy with the performance of RSS Equipment and their state-of-the-art street sweeper in late April.

After the Town of Redvers’ old street sweeper broke down in early April, Redvers Town Council passed a motion to contract RSS Equipment to clean their streets.

While the cost of the street sweeping was around $800 over the initial quote, council was satisfied with the results.

“I still think they did an excellent job in a timely manner,” said Mayor Brad Bulbuck.

Council will discuss contracting RSS Equipment again at a later date.

Pavement failure at Redvers Activity Centre

After hearing reports of pavement failure at the Redvers Activity Centre, the Town of Redvers has decided to do what they can to help.

Pavement failure caused a hole to form on the Redvers Activity Centre property, but members of Redvers Town Council expressed concern about the hole compromising the integrity of a nearby road.

CAO Bonnie Rutten will be in contact with the Redvers Activity Centre to see what can be done to help with repairs.

Council expects the hole to be fixed this summer.

Dry spell affecting golf course watering

Due to the ongoing dry weather, Redvers Town Council received a report from the golf course that while watering the course, they ran out of water in the well.

The well, which is fed from the reservoir, could not fill fast enough to keep up with the amount of water being used by the golf course.

To remedy this, the golf course set up a pump to pump water directly from the reservoir to the well.

Council advised the golf course to place a piece of plywood beneath the pump at the reservoir to help minimize fire risks.

Other business

Redvers Town Council passed a motion to allow a new development at NE 14-7-32 W1, west of the golf course, to utilize the town water supply. Council passed a motion to accept this but will advise the residents of the costs associated with the project, including increased water rates.

Council received correspondence from the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) once again asking Redvers to vote in opposition to the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association’s (SUMA) name change to Municipalities of Saskatchewan (MOS). Council filed the correspondence and once again agreed to vote against the name change.

Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator