Redvers looking at street sign options

The Town of Redvers held their regular Council meeting Wednesday. The following are a few of the items discussed during that meeting.

New street signs

The Town is looking at options for new street sign designs and have narrowed down a couple of options. The red, white and black signage is simple yet eye-catching in design.

“We’ve got two different proofs, one has black lines and one doesn’t,” explained Town of Redvers CAO Tricia Pickard. “We’re going to have a community vote for that. We wanted to engage our community members and have them help us decide on which they like better.”

Suspicious fires

Recent fires that may have been started intentionally in and around Redvers has Town Council concerned.

“We’ve had some suspicious fires around town, so we’re asking everybody to do their due diligence, make sure their outbuildings are locked and just double check on insurance,” Pickard said.

The Town has reached out to RCMP and the Redvers Fire Department regarding the incidents, and are advising the public to report any suspicious activity. It seems that vacant buildings are one target favoured. While not an emergent situation, residents are advised to take precautions such as locking up buildings and checking video security cameras.

“We had somebody that was intentionally lighting fires about five years ago,” Pickard recalled. “It’s kind of alarming to us that this is happening again. We’re hoping to just get the word out there.”

Information on suspicious activity can be forwarded to the Carlyle RCMP at (306) 453-6707 or Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Communities in Bloom

Redvers is planning to participate in the Communities in Bloom program to build on beautification efforts already in place.

“We’ve really been advocates for beautification, so we just want to continue on with that,” Pickard said, adding that planning will begin after the Christmas holidays.



The following is a list of all committees the Town is involved in for 2023-2024.

Bylaws - Chaired by Tricia Pickard, all council are members. EMO Plan & Coordinator - Chaired by David Pryde, all council are members. Fire Department - Councillors Owen Gavelin, Pryde, and Jena Cowan are members. Human Resources and Employee Relations - Chaired by Pickard, Councillors Pryde, Ken Thomas and Michelle Jensen are members. Infrastructure, Roads and Streets - Councillors Thomas, Derek Soroka and Gavelin are members. Health Foundation - Chaired by Soroka, Pryde is a member. SE Medical Group - Chaired by Spence Sutter (member at large), Councillors Soroka and Pryde are members. Library Board - Chaired by Donna Gilbertson, Councillor Jensen is a member. Recreation Board - Brad Hutton (member at large), Councillors Gavelin and Gilbertson are members. Recreation Foundation - Chaired by David Kenler (member at large), Councillors Thomas and Soroka are members. Redcoat Mutual Aid - Chaired by Gavelin, Councillors Pryde and Jena Cowan are members. Tourism - Chaired by Jensen, Councillor Gilbertson is a member. Infrastructure, Water & Sewer - Councillors Thomas, Soroka and Gavelin are members. Promotions, Economic Development and Collaboration Meetings - Councillors Jensen, Soroka and Brad Bulbuck are members. Redvers Housing - Chaired by Gilbertson.

Ryan Kiedrowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator