Reese Witherspoon Teases Jennifer Lopez with New Details on ‘Legally Blonde 3’ (PureWow)

In our humble opinion, it’s been way too long since we received an update on Legally Blonde 3 (like, more than two years). Jennifer Lopez feels our pain, so she went straight to the source: Reese Witherspoon.

Yesterday, Witherspoon and the 50-year-old Hustlers star caught up during an Instagram Live session and J.Lo revealed that she just introduced her 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme, to the magic of Elle Woods.

“Oh, my God. We watched Legally Blonde the other day,” Lopez explained. “Literally, like, four days ago. Oh, my God, I forgot. I can’t believe I didn’t tell you. They loved it. Loved it. It was so much fun. You were so amazing in that. It’s so great. And then, my daughter’s like, ‘I want to know what happens to her.’ And I said, ‘There’s a 2 and a 3, I believe.’”

The 44-year-old Little Fires Everywhere star clarified, saying, “There’s a two, but I’m thinking we might be working on a three.”

This was just what Lopez wanted to hear. She raved, “You should. You should. That character was so amazing and so empowering and inspiring. Yeah, it’s great for girls.” We totally agree.

Last August, Witherspoon confirmed that a third Legally Blonde movie is underway during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. At the time, she told the publication, “Oh, it’s gonna be so fun! I got to go to a meeting the other day where we talked about all the new plot points and all the characters and some returning characters and some new characters.”

Does this mean Emmett, Vivian or—dare we say—Warner Huntington III are making a comeback in Legally Blonde 3? Although Witherspoon didn’t specify, she did give her Elle Woods stamp of approval, adding, “I mean, I got so excited just in the meeting. I was like, ‘This is gonna be good.’”

What, like it’s hard?

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