Regina-born artist honours RCMP through bison paintings

A Regina-born artist will have her work honouring the RCMP on display as part of Canada's 150th anniversary celebration.

Carleen Ross created six paintings that feature bison for an installation at the RCMP Heritage Centre.

She began working with the concept three years ago for the series titled From Sea to Sea.  

"I felt compelled to tell the experience I had and saw through my husband's career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police," Ross said in a press release.

Each painting in the series represents five years of service. 

"I created this series to honour what my husband chose as a career path for 24 years, as well as the contributions of thousands of other members from 'sea to sea.'"

The bison is the central image on the RCMP's coat of arms. 

Ross said she has not been able to identify the reason why the bison was chosen to represent the RCMP.  

"However, it is believed it was due to the relationship between the initial March West in 1874 and the vast number of bison that roamed," Ross said. 

The display will open Monday at the RCMP Heritage Centre, which commissioned the work.