Regina Fire Department warning people to stay off Wascana Creek after water main break

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The Regina Fire Department is asking people to stay off frozen bodies of water after a water main break.

The department commented in a social media video that the break shows how quickly ice situations can change in Regina, especially on Wascana Creek.

"Tens of thousands of litres of water have come through the storm system and have gone out onto the river and under the ice and further down, you can see where the water is actually pooled on top," Deputy Chief Neil Sundeen said while standing at the creek.

"[The water] will have definitely compromised the thickness of the ice," he said.

Regina residents had previously set up an unauthorized rink on Wascana Creek. The person behind the rink said they check the ice depth near the rink periodically.

Sundeen said there's no safe body of water around the city, as they are meant for overflow and used in water main break situations. He said people should stay off the uncontrolled ice, especially with Mosaic Stadium being flooded and the city opening up dozens of authorized rinks.

Sundeen said the fire department has been asking people to get off the ice and that it is appealing to parents to make sure their children stay off it.

"There's so many other options out there that are safe," Sundeen said. "I would rather keep my water rescue team nice and dry in the fire hall and not have to come out and try to rescue somebody out on the ice."

The Regina Fire Department is asking people who see others — especially children — close to thin ice to call the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500 or 911 in an emergency.