Regina freaking out over Milky Way Ice Cream's 'spring' opening on –20 C day

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Regina freaking out over Milky Way Ice Cream's 'spring' opening on –20 C day

It's nutty and freezing cold — and we're not talking about the ice cream. 

It may be bitterly cold outside (about –20 C), but that's not stopping a popular Regina ice cream shop from holding its "spring" opening. 

Milky Way Ice Cream is seasonal and sells ice cream out of windows to people waiting outside. But owners decided today was the day to open their shutters. 

"We've been here for 37 years and this is the earliest we have ever opened and probably the coldest," said co-owner Carole Boldt.  

Boldt said they checked the weather forecast a few weeks ago and this week was showing temperatures up to 7 C. 

"So we just went ahead and did it. We pick a date and just do it," Boldt said.

Soon enough, people started freaking out on Twitter. 

The cold weather didn't seem to bother the shop's first customer of the season, Marilyn Kurtz.

"The cool thing is, it's not melting!" said Kurtz, enjoying the coveted first cone of the season.

She said her family have been going to Milky Way for years. She fondly remembers her parents hauling the kids into the car on a Sunday afternoon for a cone. 

"We've enjoyed this place for like, years and years," she said.

The day was made sweeter for those in line behind Kurtz. She ended up paying it forward and buying their cones as well. 

Others say it's a great way to fight back against winter. 

Boldt is tickled to see her loyal customers back again this year.

"It's like a homecoming," she said.

The official opening happened at 11 a.m. CST. 

And the flavour of the day? It's coconut.