Regina high school teacher on trial for alleged sexual offences involving 15-year-old girl

A Regina high school teacher is facing five charges related to offences of a sexual nature with a 15-year-old girl. (Kirk Fraser/CBC - image credit)

WARNING: This story contains distressing details.

The trial of a Regina teacher charged with sexual offences involving a 15-year-old student began in the Court of King's Bench in Regina on Monday.

Jeffrey Dumba has pleaded not guilty to five charges including inviting a minor to touch herself sexually, distributing sexually explicit material to a minor and possessing child pornography.

The charges relate to Dumba's alleged interactions with the teen between June 23, 2021 and Sept. 2, 2021.

Regina police arrested Dumba on Sept. 3, 2021. He was 49 at the time.

The girl's identity is subject to a publication ban.

Friend who contacted police testifies

A former student who went to the high school's resource officer with a concern testified Monday morning.

The student said the girl had told her she was in a relationship with Dumba over the summer.

The girl then showed her naked photos of a man she said was Dumba. The student testified that she recognized the tattoos on Dumba's legs in the photos but believed his face was covered.

The 15-year-old told the student she exchanged nude photos with the teacher, and said to "act normal" around Dumba in the hallways.

After hearing the story and seeing the pictures the student took that information to the school resource officer the following day.

"I had a feeling inside that it was not right," the student told the court.

The student said she and the girl's friendship ended "the day I reported Mr. Dumba."

During cross-examination by Dumba's lawyer, Darren Kraushaar, the student told the court the 15-year-old had told her she had added Dumba on Snapchat.

She said Dumba did not know it was her initially.

The student said the girl told her they had been flirting and messaging, and told her "he has seen every inch of me" in photos.

The student said when Dumba found out he was communicating with a 15-year-old girl, he told her they had to put an end to the messaging.

The student testified the girl was bragging about the relationship, and had told her she was planning on having sex with Dumba and would be going to his house.

During re-examination, Crown prosecutor Loren Klein asked the witness whether Dumba was aware of her age but not who she was before she disclosed her identity.

The witness told the court the girl told her Dumba said he wanted to continue the relationship because "the damage was done." She reiterated that the girl told her there was a plan to meet at Dumba's house.

On Monday afternoon, Regina police Const. Karlene Phillips testified.

After the school resource officer contacted various police units, Phillips was the first officer who spoke with the 15-year-old girl. She said the girl initially told her the allegations were "rumours," but shortly after told her they were "all true."

Phillips testified that the girl consented to give her cellphone to police, where they found photos of a man "with his penis out."

During the investigation, Phillips testified, police found photos of a vagina with a comforter visible in the photo. Phillips said police obtained a comforter matching the same description from the girl's family.

Sgt. Casey Ward, head of the Regina Police Service vice and supervisor of the investigation, testified Monday afternoon that he visited the girl's home the day the investigation started. He told the court the girl's mother asked, "Is this about Dumba?"

He said she later said her daughter "talks too much to him."

Ward interviewed Dumba following his arrest and said Dumba was wearing shorts at that time. Ward said a photo of a man with his penis exposed had a leg tattoo that matched Dumba's.

The trial continues on Tuesday.