Regina hockey fans blast NHL for pulling out of Winter Olympics

Sports fans in Regina aren't too pleased with the National Hockey League.

On Monday, the NHL announced it wouldn't be allowing its players to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The league said the Olympics were too disruptive to its schedule, and that it couldn't come to terms with officials.

As a result, Team Canada will likely have to rely on players from lower-tier leagues as well as university-level players.

The decision was proving unpopular to fans at Regina's Press Box sports bar.

"I think it's a horrible thing," said Nathan Efonoff. "They should be able to represent their country just as much as their team."

Other fans were concerned about the quality of the players that will be sent to the Olympics.

"Who's going to watch a bunch of amateurs they've never heard of, as opposed to big name NHL players?" said Liam McCurry. "Who are you going to send over there? Are we talking AHL, university, college, junior?"

Meanwhile, some directed their anger at team owners.

"I think that for two weeks out of the season, they can afford to let those guys go," said Bill Parks. "We want to see the best players in the world play at the Olympics."

The Pyeongchang Games will take place next year, from Feb. 9-25.