Regina hosting 1st mental health trade show

Alejandra Cabrera doesn't remember what triggered her mental health struggles, but they caused her to quit her job and nearly drop out of university. 

"I was crippled by the fear of leaving my house," Cabrera told CBC Radio's Morning Edition.

"I had to contact my professors and was like, 'I can't come into the classroom. I have panic attacks when I leave the house.'"

During that time, she said she felt alone and like things would never get better.

"I've always struggled with mental illness, whether I knew it or not."

Cabrera said her family and partner were there to help her through it, and she eventually sought out professional help.

Library hosting mental health trade show

​Cabrera is now the organizer behind Regina's first mental health trade show, which will take place at the Central Library on Saturday. 

It will feature speakers and booths put up by mental health organizations offering information about the supports available and range of services they offer.

No registration is required and it will be a "very casual" setting, said Carbera.

Knowing when and where to start when it comes to addressing mental health is important, she said, because when she was dealing with her own struggles, she didn't know just how many supports were available.

If people are apprehensive about openly talking about their own concerns, they can drop by just to pick up some pamphlets, with no obligation to speak to people, she said.

"It's nothing but support — no one's judging you."

The trade show starts at noon on Saturday and runs until 4 p.m. CST.