Regina man nailed with drug charges after police spot vehicle riding on bare rims

A Regina Police Service officer heard the man before he saw him.

The officer reported hearing "a loud scraping sound approaching" at the intersection of Arcola Street and Victoria Avenue at about 1:50 a.m. CST on Sunday. The officer conducted a traffic stop after seeing the vehicle had no rubber on its front rims.

The vehicle also had no working lights.

When the vehicle was stopped, the driver exited but refused to comply with the officer's directions, police say.

The 23-year-old Regina man was arrested and found to be in possession of drugs, police report. He faces nine charges, including four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, impaired driving, and refusing to provide a breath sample. 

The drugs were located in a backpack by an assisting officer, police say.

There were four different types of drugs, all of which were packaged for sale: marijuana, hash, cocaine, crack cocaine and 100 pills. Half of the pills were anxiety medication and the other half were hallucinogens. 

Police also say they found multiple cellphones and bear spray. 

The man made a court appearance Monday morning.